Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp is 76 acres of beauty in the Rocky Mountains just outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Residential students live in simple, rustic cabins that range in size from small cabins to larger dorms. All students sleep in bunkbeds. Older students will walk a short distance to common bathrooms and showers while younger students who stay in larger dormitory style cabins will have bathrooms and showers in their cabins. Students “unplug” to focus on their art, time with each other, and the splendor that surrounds them. Cell phones and internet-connected devices are not allowed, except for Saturdays when students may access cell phones. Our summer residential programs are rigorous and demanding with days filled with classes and rehearsals and unbelievable learning. The rewards however, are endless. Our students grow not just in their craft, but also in self-confidence; they bond with their faculty and each other. You won’t find big screen tv’s for entertainment at Perry-Mansfield, you will find lifetime memories in each other’s amazing performances, bonfires, camp events like the Camp Olympics and the Un-Talent Show, and laughter and stories with new friends.