Jon Hamblin


Jonathan Hamblin Photograph (2)

JonHamblin’s childhood included diverse locations such as Boston, New York City, The Mojave desert, Haiti and Kauai. The eldest son of a physician, Hamblin also served with the Peace Corps in Belize. A graduate of Kauai High School, he has a BA in psychology and an MFA in printmaking, both from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. He has been a visual arts instructor at MidPacific Institute since 1985. Hamblin’s paintings are found on both traditional and non-traditional surfaces. Characteristic of his work is his blending of color, words and neoprimitive imagery. An avid cyclist and body surfer, he sometimes finds inspiration in discarded materials he finds on the side of the road. Hamblin’s work is in private and public collections in Hawaii and the mainland.