Where is Perry-Mansfield  Performing Arts School and Camp?

Perry-Mansfield is located just outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Steamboat Springs, a small Rocky Mountain community of 10,000, is rich with Western charm and natural beauty making it a popular vacation destination. Nestled in the hills of beautiful Strawberry Park, our rustic 76-acre campus provides students a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn.

What are camp dates:

  • College Dance Intensive: June 3-June 18, 2018
  • Pre-Professional Intensive: Dance or Theatre- June 16-July 29, 2018
  • Young Artist Intensive: Dance or Theatre- July 9-August 5, 2018
  • Emerging Artist Camp- June 24-July 7, 2018
  • Discovery Day Camp- August 6-August 11, 2018
  • Equestrian Day Camp-June 11-June 15,2018 and August 6-August 10,2018
  • Equestrian Half-Day Camp-July 23-July27, 2018 and July 30-August 3, 2018

Can my child attend only part of a session?

Unfortunately, because of the structure of our program, we do not allow partial participation or latecomers to the program

When is the application deadline?

Our programs are filled on a rolling basis.  We suggest applying early to avoid dissapointment.

Do I need to submit an audition or portfolio?

All residential programs require an audition. However, audition requirements vary by program. In addition, every student will complete a placement audition during their first two days of each session.  Non-audition day programs must still complete an application.  Click here to view requirements by program, and details on how to apply.

*Please note, audition materials can be submitted online.

When will I receive my admission decision?

You will be notified by email in approximately two weeks, once you have completed your application and submitted all of the required audition materials.

What does tuition cover?

Tuition covers all training, lodging and meals. Campers should be provided with some additional money to cover purchases at the camp store, and personal laundry. Tuition does not include transportation from your home to Perry-Mansfield.

Do you award scholarships?

Perry-Mansfield strives to make programs available to eligible students by offering merit based scholarships for the PPI and YAI programs. 

Can friends and family members visit students?

We know it is tempting to visit your child and spend time in beautiful Steamboat Springs, however, visits remove campers from their friends, their creative free time, and interfere with the independent experience of camp.  Campers are allowed one family visit per session. Family members or friends over the age of 21 will only be able to check-out a student if written permission is received from the parent or legal guardian during camp office hours at least 24 hours in advance. All students must be checked out at the camp office and inform their counselors prior to leaving campus. Parents are not allowed to take their children off campus during classes or rehearsals. Saturday is the best time to visit.  

Where will my child sleep?

All students sleep on bunk beds and are responsible for providing their own bedding. A vinyl mattress cover is provided, but students will need to bring sheets, blankets, pillow, and sleeping bag, etc.  All cabins are very rustic, with overhead lights and a limited number of electrical outlets. Campers are grouped in cabins by age.

What kind of adult supervision does Perry-Mansfield provide?

With approximately 65 staff, Perry-Mansfield maintains a very low staff to student ratio.. While the duties of each position vary, the safety and well-being of students is a responsibility that is shared by all staff. Our trained Counselor staff primary responsibility is to ensure the well-being of those who participate in Perry-Mansfield’s summer programs.

Can my child have a cell phone, laptop computer or iPod at Perry-Mansfield?

Perry-Mansfield Arts Camp is a busy and intense program of a quality that is best experienced without the distraction of cell phones. Students who choose to have phones at Perry-Mansfield will be able to us them on Saturdays while in town. In the event of an emergency at home, parents can reach students through our main office 970-879-7125. Students should NOT bring any type of electronic games or laptops to camp. Perry-Mansfield cannot be held responsible for the safety of these items in our rustic atmosphere. Students may bring a recording device to use in class, but please note that it should not be internet capable.

What does Perry-Mansfield do for homesick students?

It is not uncommon for students of all ages to miss home during their first day or two at Perry-Mansfield, especially if they are on their first extended trip away from home. The Counselor staff is trained to identify when students are having difficulty and to help them enjoy their experience. In addition, it is not uncommon for a parent to "suffer" more than their child, who is typically preoccupied with a busy schedule.

Can I send letters and care packages to my camper? Are there topics I should avoid?

Everybody loves to get mail delivered to camp. Avoid writing about how much fun the child is missing while away from home; you might stir up an unnecessary case of homesickness. Encourage your child to have fun and to make the most of his/her camp experience. A simple note to stay in touch is all that's necessary. If sending a care package, please do not send food of any kind.  Students may receive care packages, other than food, from family and friends. Food is not allowed in the cabins because it attracts wildlife.  Campers will be asked to dispose of all food that is mailed to them.

Are there vegetarian/special needs dining options?

At each meal there are choices, which include vegetarian options All meals are served buffet style in the Main Lodge dining hall.  Students are responsible for clearing their own dishes. Healthy snacks are provided in the dining hall between meals. If your child has a special dietary need, please let us know so we can discuss it.

What if my child becomes ill?

Perry-Mansfield's has two registered nurses that reside on camp 24 hours a day to provide routine and emergency health care as needed for no additional charge to parents. Perry-Mansfield is not responsible for the costs associated with medical services provided outside of Perry-Mansfield by non-Perry-Mansfield personnel (emergency room visits, area medical clinics, etc.).

How do I know my child will be safe and secure?

Perry-Mansfield takes the safety of students very seriously. Here are just a few measures that Perry-Mansfield has taken to ensure the well-being of students:

  • Perry-Mansfield is a licensed childcare facility, regulated by the state of Colorado. As part of the hiring process, background checks are conducted for all faculty and staff.
  • Fire/Evacuation drills are conducted regularly throughout the summer, so all staff and students are familiar with the process.
  • Camp is secured each night with a locking gate at our main entrance.