The Vision of Charlotte Perry and Portia Mansfield that we still embrace today is to encourage experimentation and risk-taking. Our goal is to nurture a love of the arts in a breathtaking setting that brings students closer to nature and their artistic and personal dreams than they have ever been before. We want to help bring students to their full potential by continually adding artistic strength, vision, and diversity to every program. We do this by:

  • Providing an artistic experience for students from all over the world;
  • Encouraging collaborative study between artistic disciplines;
  • Attracting a stimulating and world-class faculty; 
  • Actively seeking contributions to provide consistent financial support; and,
  • Preserving the historic, artistic, and environmental integrity of the nation’s oldest continuously operating performing arts camp.

With progressive thinking and action, we will be the preeminent artistic Visioninnovator, inspiring our students to a lifelong passion for, and commitment to, the arts.

Perry-Mansfield’s Mission Statement is to provide young people superior arts training in body, heart, and mind and to promote creativity, a sense of the close brotherhood of the arts, and the values of a way of life close to nature.